Growth Strategy

Our Vision

To be a leading international online gaming company, underpinned by superior talent and technology.

Growth Strategy

To maximise shareholder value by achieving growth through organic and acquisitive means. We aim to deliver organic growth by enhancing our proprietary platforms, systems and knowledge. Strategic acquisitions and partnerships will allow the company to enter new verticals and territories and/or provide scale to existing verticals

To be a leading online game operator
  1. Focus on our core

    Continue to build scale and grow market share in both the UK bingo and casino markets

  2. Diversify product offering

    Enter into new verticals such as lottery-style games, Rummy, instant wins and scratch cards

  3. New markets

    Extend brands and products to new attractive markets outside of the UK

Investment in proprietary platform
Investment in our team
Compliance with regulation
Value for shareholders

Organic growth - focus on the core business

We aim to maintain our growth and to further increase profitability and scale, taking advantage of the increased regulatory environment, which is driving unprecedented change across the industry. This increased regulatory environment is forcing many of the larger gambling operators to consolidate in search of scale, technological control, or the right management team. Many of the smaller players, are having to reconsider their strategies and facing the possibility of being forced out of the market entirely. We, in contrast feel we have a great opportunity to continue to grow organically in this environment for few reasons:

  • Scale - we are small enough to be dynamic and search for high growth, yet big enough to manage our risk
  • Ownership of our critical technology platforms and content - control gives us an advantage over competitors who rely more on third parties
  • Our data-driven multi-branded strategy - allows us to give players more choice and access higher lifetime values
  • Highly experienced operational second tier management team - a loyal team, understanding every step of the players journey and providing best in class operations
  • Our Board - strategic leadership from driven and respected industry pioneers

For these reasons, we are confident we will continue to build on our significant market share growth following recent acquisitions and take further market share from our competition, whether they are the larger multi-product operators which are prioritising their marketing spend on their core operations, large peers struggling to find growth, or smaller operators which are being squeezed out of the market.

We will continue to find growth through improved levels of marketing, engagement and monetisation, always underpinned by a focus on proprietary technology and systems, and a data-driven approach:

  • Marketing – the marketing strategy is focused on increasing the customer base through optimising conversion rates and CPA levels. We use an effective marketing mix of online and offline channels including natural search (SEO), player management, email, SMS and direct mails
  • Engagement – we are focused on enhancing the user experience through providing rich and engaging content, loyalty and competitions, creating a high level of customer enjoyment and loyalty
  • Monetisation - continual investment in product development and innovation. We are always looking for new products that can complement our current offering and meet player needs

A core part of the growth strategy is to pursue organic expansion opportunities in international markets such as Spain, Italy and Denmark.

B2B - strategic partnerships that can leverage our strengths

Many operators rely on third-party software providers, which creates potential opportunities to license our platform on a B2B basis. In June 2017, we launched our B2B division, Stride Together. Whilst the team have significant experience in the B2B business model, we are not looking to recreate a white label business. Instead, our focus is on value per partner, not volume of partners. We launched with our first partner, Aspers Casino, in November 2017.

Stride Together Aspers

Acquisitions – adding skills, technology, verticals

Having listed on AIM in May 2015, and even beforehand, we have made significant progress in adding scale, skills, technology and verticals from acquisitions. Primarily looking to exploit the market opportunity that existed in the gambling sector because of increased taxes and regulation, we are now looking for targets that can create value for shareholders by supporting our strategic vision of scale, new markets and new products.

We have a strong track record in undertaking selective strategic and accretive acquisitions that deliver value for shareholders and provide the Company with material scale, strong operational leverage and significant market share.

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