Share Information

This page contains regularly updated information on Stride Gaming's shares and significant shareholders.

Share symbol: STR

Number of shares in issue:  £72,637,460

Percentage of AIM Securities not in public hands: 71.45%


Significant Shareholders (as at 31st January 2018)

Shareholder Shares %Holding
Gal Holdings Limited 16,454,161 22.65%
Poppy Investments Limited 9,147,539 12.69%
Bedell Trustees Limited (Blue Rock Trust) 7,833,703 10.78%
Bedell Trustees Limited (Eagle Eye Trust) 2,825,427 3.89%
Hydaco Holdings Pty Limited 4,094,554 5.64%
J O Hambro Capital Management 2,284,100 3.14%
Hargreave Hale 2,438,851 3.36%
Directors  Shares % Holding
Eitan Boyd (1) 2,425,213 3.60%
Darren Sims (2) 1,083,510 1.61%
Nigel Payne 13,889 0.02%
John Le Poidevin 44,546 0.07%
Adam Batty 22,727 0.03%
(1) Legal title to these shares is held by Guardian Trust Company Limited as trustee for the Alon Trust. The beneficiaries of the Alon Trust are Eitan Boyd, his wife and children. (2) Legal title to these shares is held by Clermont Corporate Services Limited in its capacity as trustee for the Monkey George Trust. The beneficiaries of the Monkey George Trust are Darren Sims, his wife and children. Exchange / Trading platform: The securities of Stride Gaming (Ticker: STR) are traded on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. The company is not listed on any other exchanges or platforms.

Shareholder Restrictions

There are currently no share restrictions in place.